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Spatial Join export to Google Earth

08-29-2014 08:56 AM
New Contributor

The goal:

To create a Google Earth KML that has polygons that when clicked on display all the attributes of the points contained within them.

The process:

Did a spatial join on the polygon layer and the point layer as a Join-One-To-Many.  This provided multiple polygons that overlapped one another (one for each point). 

The issue: When I exported to KML, the only polygon I could click on was the top-most one.  This meant I could only see the attributes of the point that was joined to the top-most polygon.

My question: Is there a way to perform a spatial join on a polygon and point layer so that when I export to KML, when I click on a polygon, it will display the attributes of all of the points that are within that polygon (after they have been spatially joined)?

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