Space time hotspot disease analysis

11-17-2014 12:06 AM
New Contributor

I have malaria incident data from 1000 health facilities from 1995 to 2012 and would like to do a space time analysis of hotspots. The data is per age group per month. The health facilities are georeferenced to geographic coordinates. My question is how to arrange the data so that I can calculate space-time spatial weights to use in calculating hotspots. I have tried to calculate the space time spatial weights using ArcGis 10.1 but my challenge is how do I arrange the data such that I have a unique ID for each heath facility and at the same time I capture the temporal resolution of the data. I need to capture both space and time variation in the hot spots so that I can use the space-time spatial weights for autologistic regression. I have tried several times and am almost giving up.

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