Select Feature Classes from a Geodatabase, based on values within a field

01-30-2014 07:29 PM
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I need some assistance in getting started with the following python script, that I would like to insert into a model (ModelBuilder) that I'm currently buidling.

I???ve got a table that I???ve generated from summary statistics and within the table I???ve got a field called MAPSHEET, the values within the field MAPSHEET represent the names of the indexes that I need to use to select features classes from a geodatabase (contours (polyline feature classes) and spot height (point feature classes)). The contours feature classes have a prefix RE and the spot heights feature classes have a prefix PNT. I need to use the value within the field MAPSHEET and select the feature classes from the geodatabase that match the same index for the contours and spot height and pass them to Topo To Raster as input feature classes. Also I need to iterate through all the values within the MAPSHEET field and select all the feature classes from the geodatabase and add all the contours and spot heights representing the list of indexes to Topo To Raster, before its run.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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