Select area in raster

12-13-2011 05:54 AM
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Hi there
I have made a slope on a dem (pixels 1.6m)...then a reclassify on it with 7degree/ i have a lot of "coverage"....small areas/large areas/thin areas/wide areas.......but i need to find specific areas like squares at 25sqm/100sqm/150sqm and they HAVE to be axactly 5x5/10x10 etc.

I have tried RegionGroup/Zonal and more but I can't find the "solution"...anyone with a hint to do this ??
(there is to much data in the raster to convert it to polygons, so that won't work directly).

The product should be used to a kind of automatic site selection in areas with a maximum of 7 degree and with no land use obstacles in 50 meters buffer and on solid ground (no water or man made things)
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