Saving a custom toolbox between 10.6 and 10.2 with python scripts

07-13-2018 11:02 AM
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I am working on a project where I am creating a custom toolbox that includes several models and two python scripts. I have folder with the toolbox in it and the a subfolder for the Python scripts.  Attached is what my toolbox folder looks like. 

I am doing the tool creation in 10.6 but my partners on the project need a working toolbox in 10.2. When I save the toolbox back to a 10.2 toolbox  and share the folder the tools for all of the models associated with the scripts require a repair. Repairing is no problem but for the final project the tools need to work right out of the box. Does anyone have any advice on how i can rectify the problem of the tools breaking. Viewing the toolbox in my 10.6 interface even after saved back to 10.2 shows everything is fine but my partners in 10.2 see only broken tools for the ones associated with the scripts. 


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The toolbox, and the scripts need to be in a folder 'relative' to one another.  Your scripts have to be set to 'relative paths' when doing the script location and parameters stuff






now you zip the c:\toolboxes folder, send it somewhere and unzip it in a destination folder

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Sorry I'm not going to be much help but I too have had issues with backward compatibility, i.e. I have 10.6 and trying to save models/script tools for an earlier version. I ended up having to find a machine with an earlier version and rebuild the script tool interfaces. This is a real killer if you had spent any quality time documenting the interface through the item description (which of cause you should do if you are going to create a useful tool). I never got to the bottom of this issue, just one of those annoying lack of compatibility issues.

So if anyone else is doing something similar and reads this thread, hold back on documenting the tool interface until you know it actually runs on the clients machine.

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