run model for each variable

02-07-2013 03:54 PM
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Working with modelbuilder to build a tool that needs to repeat using a different  query statement

Point layer has three attributes with the following values

field1: yes, no
field2: 1,2
field3: 0,1

a variable input parameter is setup for each and I use inline variable substitution in the query statement.

Possible permutation of these three field values I enter the following and then run one at a time, so not efficient.
yes, 1,0
yes, 2,0
yes, 1,1
yes, 2,1 ...

What I want to do is have the model automatically run using each possible combination of inputs and to export each result to display. so for a simple buffer output I have  /buffer$i$

I have tried using a list, but I still only get one output.

Any help is appreciated.
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