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Raster to Polyline problem

07-10-2017 02:55 AM
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hello im new here,

so i have problem with my modeling. now im working to modeling migration and accumulation of hydrocarbon. i have got the model builder from someone who has similar project with me. i tried to follow the model builder but have problem when i used "raster to polyline" tools (see the attachment), it became a grid-line. first i think that the problem is my data but when i tried with another data the results still same, it became gridline. can anyone help me with this problem?? thank you

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why are you using 'raster to polyline' if you don't want lines?  Are you looking for a polygon?  If so, you would have to use the 'raster to polygon with a cell size large enough to close up the space between your polylines.

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Looking at the layers, I feel you are looking to delineate the stream network.

Are you looking for the polylines of Stream Network? In that Case, you could follow these steps .

1. Add a DEM

2. Fill Sink

3. Flow Direction

4. Flow Accumulation

5. Con Tool (Optional; To delineate appropriate Stream Network) 

      - Select Flow accumulation as input conditional raster
      - Set 1 as constant value
      - Expression: Value > <a threshold pixel value>

6. Stream Link

7. Stream to Feature

See this link Identifying stream networks—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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