How to draw a polygon around the point with condition

07-10-2017 12:37 AM
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Hello there;

I have above 2000 points where each point has a field which indicates a number of incidents from 0 to 300.

I want to draw a polygons around of these points where total number of incidents = 1000.

what would be the best way performing such analysis?

thanks in advance.


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Just a clarification.

So, each polygon should contain multiple points, sum of whose "Num_of_Incidents" field will be 1000?

Tough one

Think Location
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hi Jayant, thanks for your concern.

Yes, one polygon should cover more than 4 points in order to achieve minimum sum of 1000.

I haven't mentioned but the distance of each points should be minimal therefore we will have multiple neighboring polygons which has same/similar number of incidents covering multiple points.

Its logically simple and can be done manually but couldn't find out how to do it automatically.

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