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Raster Data in Google Earth:

03-23-2015 01:45 PM
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I am attempting to use Google Earth as an easy data sharing portal of GIS to others.  I have exported a high end DEM to a kml file, although cannot find the tool within Google Earth Pro that acts as the identity tool does in ArcGIS.  Is there such a tool (identity) to help me select pixels in Google Earth to find out exact elevations of a specific location?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Unfortunately, I don't believe there is.  I know when I convert shapefiles to be kmls in Google Earth that it will popup the attribute table for that feature on click, but with rasters with or without and attribute table, I'm not getting anything.  Perhaps you will need to make a very fine fishnet polygon behind the raster which stores the elevation values in an attribute table that will show up on a click, could work as a possible solution.  Maybe Raster to Point, then Create Fishnet, and then a spatial join?  If your dataset is very large, it could become impractical, but might be worth a shot.