"000599: Falls outside of output geometry domains"- With environment settings setup, why?

02-19-2020 06:07 AM
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I wrote a tool what merges the same features classes from a series of gdb-s into one FC (and also does other things).

But i "get 000599: Falls outside of output geometry domains" error whatever i do.

I put this in the begining of updateParameters, also into the execute section of the tool, but nothing changes.

        arcpy.env.XYDomain = "-29338800 -33101500 900690586674 900686823974"
        arcpy.env.outputZFlag = "Disabled"
        arcpy.env.extent = "MAXOF"
        arcpy.env.outputMFlag = "Disabled" 

this is my merge:

            fc = []
            walk = arcpy.da.Walk(workspace, datatype="FeatureClass")

            for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in walk:
                      for filename in filenames:
                         if key.lower() == filename.lower():
                                 fc.append(os.path.join(dirpath, filename))
            if fc:
                output_esri = os.path.join(mergeDir, os.path.basename(key))
                arcpy.Merge_management(fc, output_esri)

The tool works fine with Point type. But doesn't merge with polygon (the extent of the fc/gdb-s are totally different, there no Z value)

What do i miss?

edit: It works if i write it to shp and not GDB!

maybe important: The data is in this system


HD72 / EOV

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