Process Lidar for MicroStation

01-06-2023 04:17 AM
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I have a need for a solution here to get lidar data into a Microstation readable dataset.

I have lidar .laz files which I can convert to .las in ArrcGIS Pro

MicroStation can read these and create contours but this solution creates a processing nightmare. I am looking to create a MicroStation friendly dataset .dem file on a larger scale

As you can see from the image below USG DEM File is an option.  I would like to process a bunch of .las files into a .dem

BUT for some reason all I can figure out if to get from .las to a Raster Tif .  Which does not have the .dem extension.

Can anyone please outline the steps I need to take to get a .dem from the .las files I have?  I need the .dem extension so I can try to open this in MicroStation




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I often use CloudCompare software for LiDAR processing.  It's very user-friendly, has good functionality, and is free.  And exports to a variety of formats.

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