Problems with Model Builder Environmental settings - Coordinate System

08-22-2012 03:14 AM
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Hello all,
Sorry if that???s really basic, but I???m having problems with the Coordinate System of a Model already created. I have already finished it and now I don???t know how to correct the error.

I have 6 model parameters, four of them are in ETRS89 and the other two (which I convert during the process) are in ED50. The final result is in ETRS89.

I was experimenting problems in the transformation of these two point features. In the coordinate system conversion some information is lost??? After running the model many times, I???ve realized that when executing the model in an mxd in ED50 it works, but when doing it in an ETRS89 mxd some of the information disappeared.

How can I fix it now?? How should I set the cartographic coordinate system in the model properties environments? I know this issue, but the model is run by more people.

Any help would be really helpful.
Thank you in advance!
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I'm not too sure what the question is... but...

You can set the coordinate system and transformation used in the model properties geoprocessing environment.

Or, you can create model elements, assign to the model environment in the model properties, and make them model parameters so users can modify them if they need to.
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