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Polyline Polygone Clip

05-07-2014 03:24 AM
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I have two kind of shape files. I need to clip two kind of feature sets together. The problem is that one are polylines and the other one is a polygone. The polylines are streets within a city. The city is divided into a raster (polygone file). I want to bring together the information of the streets with the raster, to have the street information for each raster. What is the best way to do it?
I'm not a professional in GIS - but I know, that polylines cannot be clipped with polygones. Thank you for some advices!
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If I understand this correctly, you want the polygons to have an attibute listing of all the roads in that polygon.

Clip is likely not the tool you want to use, although it would be possible to use it as part of the process.

Instead, try intersecting the lines and polygons (Intersect tool in the analysis > overlay toolbox)

This will create a line feature class with the lines broken at the polygon edges and the attributes of the polygons added to each line feature. This may be all you actually want or need.

getting the (list of potentially many) roads through each area attached to each polygon takes more work.

A Spatial Join (with one-to-many) of the intersect output roads to the polygons is one step towards doing that.
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