Points to Line coordinate system issue in ModelBulider

02-17-2014 06:23 AM
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I'm using the Points to Line tool in ModelBuilder. I have set a model parameter for the Coordinates System and adjusted the Model Properties to use the Coordinates System parameter for the output coordinates and set the tool properties to use the Coordinates System parameter for the output coordinates, however the resulting line shapefile has no defined coordinate system.  Other output shapefiles in the model are taking on the defined Coordinate System, but the Points to Line tool will not.  I have also tried to set the Output Coordinate System to be the same as the input points shapefile (which coincidentally exports with the correct coordinate system) with no success. 

Does anyone know of a work around or code adjustment to get this to work properly?
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The Points To Line tool doesn't honor the output coordinate system environment setting (see the bottom of the tool doc page where environments are listed; output coordinate system isn't listed, meaning it isn't used by the tool).  I'm guessing that the output line features are in the same coordinate system as the input points.  That means you'll have to use the Project tool to project the output to the coordinate system you want.
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