Ordering points along a meandering line

03-12-2019 11:25 AM
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I have two point feature classes.  One is a set of points that generally follow a meandering linear path (let's call this Dataset A).  Dataset A has a "Group Name" attribute, the meandering path is segmented into groups. The other data serves as endpoints along those meandering paths, these endpoints segment .  The endpoints have 2 attributes, Start Group and Stop Group.

I want to order the points numerically from the Start endpoint to the End endpoint so that I can create a table of coordinates that lists them in the order that you would travel from Start to End.  Since the path meanders and curves, I can't necessarily just order them North to South or anything like that. 

Ideally I would like the process to go:

-Select a start endpoint, and find the nearest point from Dataset A in the corresponding group.

-Populate the order attribute with the number 1, then go to the next nearest point. 

- If the next nearest point is in Dataset A, populate with n+1, If its the Stop Endpoint, move the next group and start over at 1.

The attached image should hopefully help.  The red squares are the endpoints...the labels showing the start and stop group they belong to.  The circles are color coded by group.

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