One attribute from table to table?

11-23-2012 01:39 AM
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Hi all

Having a brain relapse today...

I've made a selection by location in Model Builder (polyline layer within a polygon). I now want to populate my polyline attribute table with an Object ID no from the Polygon selection.

I have the neccessary field present in both tables but I dont want to join the datasets, just need to copy the Object ID from the polygon selection table to the Polyline selection table.

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The usual way to add attributes from one feature class' table to another is to perform Spatial Join (analysis). New feature class is created as output.
What is important, ObjectID values from joining features can be added.

That's why I suggest not to use Object IDs to identify features. Besides, ObjectID field is maintained by geodatabase and values can change when you edit something and then do some geoprocessing. You can create a new field and copy values from ObjectID which will not be changed by geodatabase.
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