On-demand geoprocessing

02-14-2023 06:07 PM
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to check if anyone has had experience running any geoprocessing tool on-demand using Oracle and ArcGIS Pro. So my scenario is this (this is the simplified and most relevant version):

  1. A user enters data (which includes an address component) into a front-facing application
  2. User clicks a "Submit" button
  3. Data ends up going to an Oracle table
  4. Data is supposed to be processed with a geoprocessing tool
  5. Geoprocessing tool then stores the result back into another Oracle table
  6. User is able to see the result within the front-facing application

I already built the geoprocessing tool needed to process the spatial data using a model and can run it manually and it behaves as expected. But my question is, is there a way for the tool to automatically detect new records in the Oracle table in step 3 so that it can run by itself without my direct intervention?

I'm open to ideas and would very much appreciate your input!

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Look into database 'triggers'.  What's the geoprocessing tool doing?  If the GP tool functionality can be done using Oracle spatial methods you could just create a database view which would be relatively simpler.

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Hi David,

The tool calculates different types of district areas in which an address falls, and the 5 nearest service locations for said address. In addition to that, it also performs a join to capture other attributes from a different table before storing the result back into Oracle.

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