Obtain summary statistics for selected cases in attribute table

08-21-2014 12:35 PM
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Hi Everyone,


I am a new user of ArcMap and so this question might be quite simple to answer for those of you with a lot of experieince.


I have a map with three layers.One of the layers is the result of a geocoding of addresses that I did, and another layer is municipality boundaries. I would like to obtain a summary of one of the variables included in the atrribute table for my geocoding results, but I only want a summary of some of the adddress points, not for all of the ones in the table. More specifically, if the points are located within the boundaries of a certain municipality I only want to sum those cases and not all of the cases in the table.


So far I have used the selection menu to select the municipality boundary of interest and the related geocoded addresses within it. When I open my geocoded address attribute table then those cases are higlighted and the rest of the cases are not as I had hoped. I then click on the option at the bottom of the page to show only slected cases. However, when I click on summary statistics for my variable of interest it provides summary stats for allof the cases in the table, not just the selected/highlighted ones. Is there a way to obtain the summary stats (in actuallity all I am really intersted in is the sum) of just the selected cases (ie., just those geocoded addresses located within the boundaries of the specific boundary I have chosen) ?


Thank you in advance for any help.

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You missed one option as shown in the attached figure...the select from current selection...that will get you to where you wantSelectByAttributes.png

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Hi Kristin,

This is from ArcMap 10.2

Right click your layer after selecting your features --> Open Attribute table --> Right click on the column header you want to summarize on (In your case this will be municipality field, you'll need a common attribute value to summarize on) --> Select Summarize.


Check Summarize on the selected records only option. You should have what you want.

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Thank you to you both. I have it working now. I really appreciate the quick feedback. Kristin