Need help with geocoding

04-20-2013 04:58 PM
New Contributor
I have geocoded all the businesses in a municipality but a few, newer locations that have not made the counties data yet have fallen through. I have the data about the businesses, but they won't geocode. I have figured out how to drop a point, but I can't get it to assign to the data I want it to.

An example of what I am dealing with.

A new truck stop was built, the data hasn't made it through the system yet, mid-sized county with an even smaller GIS department that is struggling to begin with. SO... back to the example... the business has a business license, obviously, but the address data isn't there and I don't have the access to correct that... I want to drop a point and assign it to the businesses business license data. There are a few other locations similar to this.

Any thoughts? Hope I explained this properly.
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