Moving multiple structures at one time

02-21-2024 01:11 PM
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I have a list of structures which need to be moved to specific Lat/Longs. Each Lat/Long is different. I wrote the code below to move all the structures to the lat/long which is stored in the attribute table. I am trying to use arcpy and the below python script to move the structures. currently the code below does move all the structures, but they are all moved to the lat/long of (0,0) instead of the lat/longs in the columns Lidar_Lat and Lidar_Long. How can I modify the code or other ways to mass move depending on lat/long. 


Any Suggestions? Thanks.

import arcpy
# Define the feature class and its coordinate system
feature_class = "ValleyNelsonTMT_New4"
coordinate_system = arcpy.Describe(feature_class).spatialReference
# Define the table containing the X and Y coordinates
table_with_coordinates = "ValleyNelsonTMT_New4"  
x_field = "Lidar_Long"  
y_field = "Lidar_Lat"
# Create a search cursor to read the X and Y coordinates from the table
with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(table_with_coordinates, [x_field, y_field]) as cursor:
    for row in cursor:
       x_field = row[0]
       y_field = row[1]
       # Create a new PointGeometry object with the coordinates
       new_point = arcpy.Point(x_field,y_field)
       new_geometry = arcpy.PointGeometry(new_point, coordinate_system)
        # Update the geometry of the structure
       with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(feature_class, ["SHAPE@"], spatial_reference=coordinate_system) as update_cursor:
            for update_row in update_cursor:
                update_row[0] = new_geometry
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