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10-19-2022 09:55 AM
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I have a shapefile polygon that is a compilation of a number of parcels with numbers. Its an big list. I usually just do the select by attributes and do parcel_id = 123455. Then it finds it and selects it. Is there a way to create a simple tool that I can add onto the toolbar that is just for this shapefile and you type in the parcel number and it will zoom to it. 

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You neglect to say which software you are using!

If it is ArcMap then yes, you could create a python addin and create a combobox for a toolbar.

If you are using ArcPro that's a bit more tricky, you could create a custom tool and add it favourites as discussed here. Alternatively you could explore creating a Task but I have personally not used these and for the sort of work I do see little value in them but they may be ideal for your situation?

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In ArcMap, the Find tool is pretty close to what you want, and it can work on specific layers or visible layers, specific fields or all fields. It can zoom to results So if you set up for your desired feature and field, the map might remember that option (this should depend on how you save your map customizations). ArcPro also has a Find tool.

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