Determine Road Frontage of County Parcels

11-20-2022 04:31 PM
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I'm using ArcMap and need to determine the amount of road frontage for all the parcels in the county. I'm honestly not sure where to start on this one.

Here are the difficulties that I've identified:

1) Not all parcels will have a road frontage because some are interior

2) I'd need to determine the frontage on each edge of all the parcels because some have multiple edges that have frontage

3) I need to make sure the road frontage I measure is the frontage that 

Here are some thoughts I had about attempting this:

1) Maybe make a buffer around the parcels and determine frontage from whatever length of road falls within that. There is at least one problem that come with doing this however, a) how far to buffer? if I buffer too far that could be bad, but not far enough and it's also a bad result. b) A Buffer does not extend straight out from edges of the parcel so the measurements using a buffer will not be precise enough to rely on. E.g. I would need to extend lines from the corners of parcels such as the pink lines in the screen shot below to measure the precise road frontage of a parcel and at the same time I would not want to include parcels that are too far from the road such as the cyan light blue scribble areas.



Some other thoughts:

There is no way large development firms don't already do this somehow. There is not way that counties or cities that keep these metrics do this one parcel at a time. 

This is a screen shot of just some parcels to help with the thought process. 


Any help here would be much appreciated. 

Thank you, 


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