Model Builder: Select function does not create any output

04-15-2014 08:28 PM
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I'm having problems with a model where the Select function in the model doesn't seem to create the output feature class (FC). I get the attached error before I can even get the model process started. The FC referred to in the error isn't suppose to exist until midway through the model, so I'm not sure why I can't run the model at all. I have tried messing with the intermediate data and add to display settings, creating the offending FC before the model runs, deleting the FC before it runs, making the output a shapefile instead of FC, writing to a new geodatabase and a few other things with no luck.

I isolated all the processes leading up to and including the Select function in a separate model and was able to get it to run correctly. However, when I put the processes back in the original model it "broke". I also made it a submodel and nested it inside the original model, but it "broke".

The missing FC is also required input into another submodel I have in the model, but the submodel has a precondition so it doesn't always run. If I take out the submodel and relink some of the datasets, the model works correctly. I'm guessing the issue is with this submodel but I don't understand why because by the time the submodel needs to use the FC it should already exist from a previous process.

The whole purpose of the model (see 'survey_pts_correct.jpg') is to create points on a line that are at least 500-meters ("as-the-crow-flies") apart from any other point. Converting a line to points spaced 500-meters won't work because this distance is measured "as-the-person-drives".

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions to this issue? I've included graphics of the model and submodel, the models themselves, a script used in the model and the main datasets in case it helps.

Using ArcGIS 10.1 sp1.

Thanks, Charlotte
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I was able to resolve my problem.

After some troubleshooting, I was able to figure out the issue with the "invalid input data" and dataset "does not exist" had to do with the "select by location" function in the submodel. Originally the input to the "select by location" was set to the offending FC. The input has to be a layer file, not a shapefile or FC. I added the "make feature layer" function and used the resulting layer as the input for "select by location".

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