Model Builder iterate extract multi values to points

06-18-2012 02:48 AM
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I want to extract multiple raster values to a points file.

But given some issues with using "extract multi values to points", I want to do this one raster at a time.

I want to use the extract multi values tool so that I have all values in one points file, rather than creating lots of new points files (as happens if you just use "extract values to points" tool).

So, I am trying to use model builder, with an iterate rasters. But I can't seem to get it set up right. I have the iterate raster with the input as a folder containing all the rasters I want to use.

I then have the "extract multi values to points" tool, with the points as an input, and the raster which comes from the iterator, as the raster input.

I have given the output field name as "%Name%" so that it will pick up the raster name in each iteration.

But this just gives me an error message (unspecified!) and doesn't work.

If instead of this set up, I have the input raster as %Name% rather than directly linked to the raster from iteration, it doesn't work neither.

The only way I can get it to run at all, is by linking the raster from the iterator directly as the input raster to the extract tool, but not specifying the output field name as anything. But this simply extracts the first raster from the workspace multiple times, rather than actually iterating through all rasters.

I can't see what else I can do here, and would be grateful for any suggestions!

Thanks for your time

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