merging differenet dataset line , polygone and point - to use in a buffer

03-17-2014 05:50 AM
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Hello ,

i am not sure if this question is in the right section. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction if not.

i am aiming to carrying out a buffer , which will show areas that i can work with.

At the moment i have different shape files , that are in different formats , point , line polygon , etc.

i know that i have to convert them all into the same format before i can merge them together. i have done this and have found that i have to merge them to point data for this to work.

After converting to point data  , i then carried out the buffer at 100 metres. i found that in some areas where i had convert line data to point data. it had lost some information with points only being added every 500 metres in the line

Is there anyway of controlling this to get a point put in every 10 metres say.. Or is there a better way to approach my problem

Regards Jack
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