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10-26-2016 04:03 AM
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I am trying to merge six point datasets that each have photos attached to them. ArcGIS Pro claims to be able to merge datatsets with attachments but whenever I run the merge tool it gives me an error that it can't run outside an edit session (there's no such thing as an edit session for Pro as it's editing is always-on so I can't see where to go from there). I have six point datasets in six separate geodatabases each exported individually from my arcgis online account... how can I merge these into one dataset with all the attachments?

Thanks in advance!


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Since the input features are in different feature classes, did you try Data Management > General Toolset > Merge. No need for edit session.

Also make sure, in Tool's Environment Variable, Maintain Attachment is checked.

Maintain Attachments

  • Checked—Attachments will be copied to the output feature class. This is the default.
  • Unchecked—Attachments will not be copied to the output.

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Jayanta good to know,

good to know.

Just yesterday I merged two datasets (on ArcMap though), then I realized that I had lost the attachments and I recreated them as they were just a few and I didn't pay attention to this.

I found also this that confirmed it: Bug: Geodatabase attachments are not automatically included in the output of geoprocessing tools 

Next time I will use PRO.


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Hi Jayanta,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately whenever I run this I get the following error:

ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
Objects in this class cannot be updated outside an edit session [photo_merge_test]
Failed to execute (Merge).

I'm really quite stuck on this. Is there an alternative way to merge attachment datasets?

EDIT: I have since been successful by using the "Append" tool in Pro. Don't know why the Merge tool failed, but the end effect is the same!

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