Matplotlib graphic in GUI of tool from ModelBuilder

06-20-2017 04:15 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am developping a model in ModelBuilder and it works fine. To help the user to parameter the process, I would like to integrate one  (or more according the tool) graphic from Matplotlib based on parameters of the model.

For example (joined picture of what I would have): my tool has two parameters that modify the decay curve (curvature and concentration). I would like to add two graphics that show the decay curve (one for tranportation and one for urban cores here) and I would like that these two graphics evolve when the user change the values of the corresponding parameters.

Is it possible ?

Thank you.

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Would be nice, but you might have better luck producing a toolbox that has a tool that opens a help document.  In tools, there is sidebar help, but not to the level of visual support that you see with existing arctoolbox tools.  Modelbuilder would probably a step down from the possibilities offered by python tools or conventional tools in a toolbox.

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