Many to One Join (Possible?)

03-28-2014 01:09 PM
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I am currently working on an assignment that requires me to join a "Georgia County" shapefile to 243 geocoded points (state projects). I have knowledge on joining "one to many" which could give me an "output" shapefile table of all the counties with the "number or sum" of respective points in each county(159 polygons) feature. The problem is that I am required to have a shapefile that would have an attribute table displaying not only the number of projects in each county but also the names of each of those projects (feature points) within each county.
Ex (Fulton County has 13 projects each with different "contract names", if someone were to click on the "Fulton county" within the county layer they would be able to see a display of all the 13 project names for that one county)

Question: Is  there a join or merge that is available for me to get this type of result in an output attribute table? If not is there any other tool or function out there that might help me with this process?

I have attached a jpg picture below to show you were I am at currently. The goal is to have the top table display that "Fulton County" with 13 "Contracts"

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You
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