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07-20-2021 04:20 AM
by Anonymous User
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Is there any problem in using the same point file and have it with two different roles?  Example: Point Address and POI?  Do you need to use two or will POI role work for good geocoding and for alias names?

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I have a site address point feature class that has a parcel id assigned to it.  I tried to use this feature class with a primary role of a point address as well as an Alternate POI name and get an error 002783 that tells me 'Reference data that is used for Alternate names tables cannot contain geometry'. 

I can however use the same feature class to fill both a Point Address Role and a POI role, although I personally would not do that.  My normal practice is to have a multi-role locator with the following data/role pairs:

Site Address Points - Point Address

Parcel Polygons - Parcel

Street Centerlines - Street Address

(I also have a Street Centerlines Alt Name table)

While I don't currently use a POI role, I used to when I worked in 9-1-1 where I had a point file where the primary reference field was a place name.  That was in the days prior to the new style role locators.

That should just about do it....
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