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Lining up County Coordinate Systems

03-08-2014 05:58 PM
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I have parcel data for three Minnesota counties, Kittson, Roseau, and Marshall, and they all have a different coordinate system.
Kittson and Roseau are in their own specific county coordinate system, and Marshall is in UTM 15N.  None of them line up, this is expected though.

Where I am now lost is the projection transformation to line up Kittson and Roseau since they both appear to have their own specific PCS, GCS, and datum information.  The corner that should line up nicely between these two is overlapping by approximately 40ft in the SW-NE direction, but the offset lessens or is coincident at some parts of the boundary.

It would sure be nice to get these into something like MN state plane north, or something slightly more common/usable.

The .prj file for all three of these counties came with the data I received from the counties.
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