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Join disappears

01-22-2015 01:59 PM
New Contributor III



I have a join set up between a feature class and an Excel table and everything works great.


When I open a second mxd that has the same join set up between the same feature class and Excel table, the join disappears.  When I try to recreate the join, I get this message


Failed to connect to database

General Function failure

External table is not in the expected format.


Is there a work around for this?  The table has to stay in Excel format so that other non-GIS users can make updates to it.

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New Contributor II

I had the same problem when I added the Excel table to my .mxd from a file folder. I imported the table into a geodatabase and the problem went away. 

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Try using a DBF table or load into a GDB.

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Excel is a good way to quickly view XY data, but not a good way to permanently operate.  Like the others said.  GDB is the best.  Only a couple more mouse-clicks to get it done.

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