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intersect lines output points

07-10-2013 07:06 AM
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I am trying to intersect a single line feature class to find where lines cross.  unfortunatly this process picks up places where lines are "snapped" togeather as the vertexes are in the same location.  any ideas how i can do this?

I am currently mapping storm sewer pipes and sometimes the pipes cross each other without connecting.  in the past i was making a small kink in the pipe to represent the crossing but we want to swithc to a point symbol as it will reduce clutter/ be more visually accurate/ be pleasing to the eye...

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On a copy of your pipes in a geodatabase create a geometric network of your pipes.

Make the network with complex edges.  this should then create a network junction at each intersection.

Then export the network junctions as something else and you will have a set of points at all intersections.

Remove the network.  Create it again with Simple junctions.  Select by Location the saved complex junctions with the simple junctions.  Where there is an intersect that is where the actual intersections are.  Delete the matches and you will be left with a set of points where two pipes cross but are not connected.

It would actually take you a less time to do this than it took me to type it.
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I do not have the network analyst extension.  Any other ideas?
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Another approach is to:

  • Extract the end points

  • create XY fields

  • concatenate xy field into a string field

  • do a summary stats on string field, this gives you the valency of the node (how many polylines attached to it)

  • join table back to node featureclass and label with valency

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