interpolation of elevation points to extract values to other points

03-04-2015 10:45 AM
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Hey everyone,

I have a problem trying to extract z values from a Z polyline or a route to points. I found exact the same question: but their solution is not working on my data.

So basically the problem is as follows:

I have GPS measurements (x,y,z) of elevation of some ditches (table 1). These points are not equally distributed and I want to have points with x,y,z values that are equally distrubuted along a virtual line as explained in the case Interpolate Values of Points Along Line (X,Y coordinates you can find in table 2).

I first  tried to create a raster using TOPO TO RASTER, but the created raster doesn't show the same Z-values on the same point as the z-value of the input point file. The input I used was for point elevation: the values of table 1 and for stream I created a polyline file from these points.

Secondly I tried to create a route from the measured points which works well. Then I can also use the function Locate Features Along Route tool. (results can be found in table 2). I then right-clicked the table and used "Display Route Events" to display the resultant table of points along the Route that I created earlier. Using this layer, I added a new field to the attribute table for the interpolated elevation values.

But then this part didn't work:

  Finally, I used "Calculate Geometry" on this field to interpolate the Z Coordinate of each point in this layer.

(I'm working with ARCmap 10.1, with spatial analyst and 3D analyst package)

Does someone have another solution please?

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