Interpolate Values of Points Along Line

Discussion created by lharwood on Dec 20, 2011
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I have a set of GPS points which were collected along a roadway (include elevation) and I would like to interpolate the elevation value for anywhere between these points (linear). The original point data (Orig_Data.shp in zip) looks like this (green points):

I am interested in the values at the point locations shown below in purple (POI_Extract.shp in zip) which may or may not fall directly on the original points, but do fall along a line generated between these points:

So basically, I believe I will need the following information:

I have tried some methods of raster surface interpolation, but I do not want interference from any values outside of the line along which the points fall (below shows what the entire file looks like using Kriging).  I just want to interpolate between the points - not 2 miles from the points!

Does anyone know the correct way to go about this?  :confused:

Thanks!  :)