Interpolate Shape (3D Analyst) does not work on Point features

10-02-2019 05:46 AM
New Contributor

I am having issues running the interpolate shape tool on a point shapefile (I have tried on both 2d and 3d point SHPs).  I am attempting to interpolate off of a Terrain Dataset.  My source data is polygon data, but it is so large it fails.  The only way I can get the interpolation to work it to turn my polygons to lines, and chop them up into many small segments because the tool seems to fail when lines are too long with too many vertices.  I am hoping to get around this by simply running Vertices To Points, then running the Interpolate Shape tool on the points, where I can then add a field and Calculate Geometry to see Z values for all points.

The error I get when trying to run Interpolate Shape on a point Shapefile: The geometry type of the input data source (or feature class) is inadequate.

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