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Identity function - arcpy

09-07-2015 07:20 AM
New Contributor II

Input vector = shapefile with many overlapping polygons

Identify feature = only one polygon

When the identify feature crosses the input feature I receive two or more readings (with the same FID) due to the fact that the identity feature many times crosses the polygons within the input feature class. See it below:

fid 1319, 885 - 1

fid 1319, 347 - 0

(1 within, 0 - outside)

Could I set up my code in a way (or use other function), that the input polygon is either and only in or out of the identify feature but not in both, even though the identity feature crossed it?

arcpy.analysis.Identity(fc, idFeat, output, "ALL", relationship="NO_RELATIONSHIPS")

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MVP Alum

Identity analysis, does a geometric intersection of the 2 sets of polygons.

If you want only 1 attribute record (with multiple separate polygons) run a dissolve on the output to create a multipart feature.

MVP Emeritus

With the overlay tools, there is no option to ensure that a feature is completely within another prior to performing the overlay.  You would have to perform a Select by Location for that

then do your overlay so that only the selected features are used in the overlay