How to start cellular automata simulation with ArcGIS desktop?

08-05-2011 01:05 PM
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Hi experts!

I am sorry in advance for my may be naive question. I have been exploring ArcGIS 10 mainly for some built in functionality. However, I am focusing on a research based on cellular automata modeling of settlements. I am looking for a guiding reply how to start the process with ArcGIS 10. I have historical vector maps for calibration, some are yet to be digitized. Can anyone suggest whether I should rasterize for CA? Please.

Thanks in advance.

Faysal, Singapore
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Take a look at this 9.3 topic: An overview of advanced modeling through simulations

Hi guys,

I�??m wondering if there is a way to build a model (based on raster format) to perform the tasks below considering a number of iteration:

- Live cells stay alive if 2 or 3 of its neighbors are alive, otherwise it dies
- Dead cells will come to life if it has 3 live neighbors

The raster data is attached,

Thank you for the help,


Jamal Numan
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