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How to iterate export queried data from layer with model builder

12-14-2011 04:28 AM
New Contributor
I have several layers in my mxd project that derives from few feature classes. Those layers are actually result of queries (each of them is different) that represent different layers according to the query expression. In fact they are just repetition of the same few feature classes "filtered" according to their characteritics, Can I define them query layers?

All those feature classes are stored into a personal geodatabse. Now, I have to set topology rules and I need to export data from every single layer, turn it into a fuature class and load it into another personal geodatabse so that I finally can add a topology rule for every single feature class.

I know I could do that "manually" just right-clicking on the layer on the TOC and select "export data" and then load all of them into a personal geodatbase but, since the layers are something like 100 items I would prefer if somebody could help me to find an automatical way to perform this data export. Can anybody help?

Thank you
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