How to Hard-Code Input Datasets (the Append tool in a model)

07-05-2011 11:55 AM
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I have a model that makes a selection of masspoints. The source masspoints are in hundreds of separate shapefiles. I might want the model to Append the masspoints from, say, MassPointsFileA.shp and MassPointsFileB.shp. In my model, the Append tool has a parameter where it reads a table to know which particular masspoint shapefiles to use. You can see in the attached image, that the user runs the model, the "Input Datasets" window opens, the user selects the table "LeonTiles_TableSelect" and then (not shown) the user is prompted to select a specific field from this table. Then the model only appends the masspoints from shapefiles listed in a selected field in the table, "LeonTiles_TableSelect".

The problem is, I want this table and field to be hard-coded in the model (or hard-coded in a derived script). I want the user to just run this without having to select a table and field. I want the table and its field to be hard-coded, but I do not want the values from the field to be hard-coded. The whole point is, I want the model to use a list of shapefiles listed in a table that is dynamic - It would not be useful to have the actual input file names hard-coded. I just want it to get the updated values from this table without the user having to select the table or field.
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