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How to fix Broken Model

04-15-2013 05:07 PM
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Hi Fellow
I have developed a model (using model builder, ArcGIS 10) for spatial analysis of my project. The model was quite big and took me 3 days to develop. Every time I add a new tool/process in the model I save it to avoid loosing any work. I was about to finish the model and save it but it did not save, showed a message "failed to save the model", even did not permit to copy the model. Eventually I close it without saving & compromising that I will only lose very last process. But once I close it I saw a red cross mark on my model. I opened it in the edit mode but there is no work at all. I searched into the forum but could not find any solution to repair this. I had a look through the article to repair the broken model ( It says how to fix the broken tool but does not mention to fix broken model.

Any solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Great tip!

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by Anonymous User
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I totally agree with the threads.  It happened just now and in the past.  The Modelbuilder is a great tool but it is lacking something important.  There is no way to recover the work using Modelbuilder.  I will adopt your approach in order to save my time and work.

Thanks for sharing your solution!!

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The same thing just happened to me! Argghhhhhhhh

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