Geoprocesing not returning result shapefile

02-12-2018 01:09 AM
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Hello all,

I'm trying some models to work as geoprocessing on ArcGIS Server, but having problems with returning results through REST.

So I prepared a basic model only with Feature Class to Shapefile, just to find out how to get the result. It takes a test table from an enterprise geodatabase and converts it into a shapefile into the scratch folder.

Model working well both on desktop and server. However, the result is empty. Yet I can find the result shapefile if I go to arcgisjobs folder.

Also, if change the message level of geoprocessing service to "info", I can see the address of the file. 

As you can see in model "derived folder" is the model parameter as told in help document. But output folder is not %scratchworkspace%. When I write that it creates in scratch.gdb as featureclass. That's why I wrote %scratchFolder%.

I also tried "Select Data" tool, but nothing changed. What am I suppose to do get the result of this process?

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