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How to fix broken linear feature?

03-11-2013 04:10 PM
New Contributor II
I have a linear feature line (Stream line) That i extracted from a stream network, but for some reason I noticed that it did not extract properly as you can see from the image below there are gaps in between the line.  My question here is that How about Do i fix this issue so that my line doesn't have gaps ?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sam,

You can run the Integrate tool, you will want to make sure to make a copy of your data first and to use a tolerance that makes sense for your data.

Melanie S.
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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor
It seems necessary that you investigate your extraction process and find out why some segments are missed, instead of fixing it afterwards. The gap is quite significant and should not be resolved with a simple tolerance or snapping.

If you really have to fix the gap, you may need to:
1. use Feature Vertices To Points tool with DANGLE option to get all dangle endpoints.
2. use Buffer with a distance at least half of the maximum gap length to buffer the dangle points. Hopefully each pair of dangle points at a gap will be covered by a buffer polygon.
3. Intersect the dangle points with the buffers.
4. use Points To Line tool with the polygon ID as the Line ID Field to create lines for the gaps.

I wrote the above without testing.You may need additional steps to get it right.
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