How to create lists of polygons in buffers of associate center points.

10-10-2013 08:51 AM
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I am not a GIS expert, not even a GIS novice, I am just the most knowledgeable in my group.  Therefore because I make magic maps they ask me to do everything. 

Here is something I need help on.  I think it is covered in tutorials, but I don???t remember how to tie it all in. 
I have 8 points across the state, I need to make two lists for each point, all zipcodes that are contained or intersect the 20km buffer and 50km buffer.  Some of the points fall inside of buffers of each other so it is not a straightforward select. 

I created 20km and 50km buffers, then I clipped zips in 20km and 50km.  The clips merged so I cannot assign the clipped zipcode polygons to the associated points in their buffer.  I am working on a model that will clip each individual point uniquely and then type the zipcodes from the table screen into excel.  This is not ideal, but I need to get it done pronto, however this is going to be a routine request so I want to get a better solution. 

Also does anyone have ideas how to make a printable list, or better yet a list that can export to excel?
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Hi David,

The first step was right, create two feature classes with the buffers after that follow these steps and repeat it for each of your buffer feature class:

1. Search for the Intersect tool.
2. Use your state feature class and one of your buffer feature class
You get back your states, sliced up by your buffers and with the buffer ID which comes from the point FC
3. Search for the Frequeny tool
Input: the intersected FC
Summary Fields: Buffer point IDs and your state names/zips
Output: save it to a folder and use .dbf extension, so you can open it in Excel.

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