How do I obtain ksat and percsand data from gSSURGO?

10-15-2014 09:28 AM
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I'm working with the gSSURGO dataset for the first time and I am unable to find any sort of comprehensive guide on the chorizon tables and how to work with them. I need to obtain the ksat and percsand data in the form of weighted averages using the chorizon tables from gSSURGO. I was able to relate my chorizon to my component table and then relate my component table to my gSSURGO raster but when I try to select the attributes I require they don't pop up on my raster layer. I noticed the weighted average horizon fields database that Mr. Rich uploaded previously and I tried working with that too, but the join with the gSSURGO raster doesn't work correctly (not sure if it's an error in the join itself). I looked through previous discussions but not entirely sure if what I'm doing is correct and what else I need to do. Any inputs would be appreciated.




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