GeoTagged Photos to Points; -9999 in Direction field

06-22-2018 06:50 AM
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The output of my GeoTagged Photos to Points tool gives a "-9999" in the direction field. Examining the EXIF data of the photos, I can see that they do, in fact, have a bearing embedded. I'm wondering why this information isn't captured in the output feature class?

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Hey Brian, 

What device is being used to capture the images? Based on the syntax of exif_data.png file, I am wondering if the Geoprocessing tool is having a hard time parsing the EXIF data into a readable format that it can write to the attribute table? 

Are you able to provide a txt file output of the EXIF information? I would like to compare it to some images that I have on my end. 


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Yup, I've attached it to this response.

Device is a Garmin Virb

Thanks for the help!

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