Geoprocessing clip and shipp

10-02-2012 08:32 AM
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I am following the geoprocessing examples (shipnclip) as given on the

I have used the data as provided by the example and followed exactly what is written in the example. however i have noticed one thing and it is when i used the published tool service namely "extract data task" it displays layers to clip  followed by area of interest asking to add feature interactively.
when i clicked  Add feature button nothing happened no feature is added and probably due to this reason this service does not return me any data. i want to know how to add feature interactively and why does not it work .... any suggestion.....
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Hi I am assuming you are running from ArcMap. When you click the point for the area of interest, don't click too fast, esp. for the first point. After you click the point, you will see the small globe rotating at the bottom right of ArcMap. Wait until the rotating icon stops and you will see the point that you just clicked. Then proceed for the next point.
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