Geocoding Rural County Roads

02-09-2012 09:55 AM
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We do some accident mapping for the state and part of the process is to Geocode the accident locations which do not have XY coordinates.  I have tried the GeoCoding process as described in the tutorial for V10.  It doesn't seem to work as described.

I remember a year or two ago the question was asked in this forum if ESRI had or has any plan to Geocode rural locations?

Any help would be great.  Make it simple please I am not a programmer, like to learn but time does not allow for education (ya goofy huh)

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Howdy Dave,

Here are a few things that you might check:

-Make sure your addresses match the format required by the address locator (If you are using an ESRI locator make sure there is a ZIP field).

-If the roads have two names i.e. Rosewood is also 200 E you will need an alias table.

-Try lowering the sensitivity of the address locator to 60% or so and see if any show up (you will obviously need to check to make sure they end up where they're supposed to).

-If another organization has built a local address locator use that instead of the ESRI locator.

-If you have a lot of patience try building your own address locator (one built from local date will usually yield better results).

-If you are using your own locator try using ESRIs and see what it turns out.

I am sure their is online training for geocoding.


If you have one of those tech gods in your office ask them to touch your computer and everything will magically work.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't had the chance to get back to that set of maps yet.  I did want to thank you.
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