Geo Procssing Service using Model builder created issue?

07-20-2011 01:41 AM
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Hello everyone

I need to publish the geo processing service in Arc GIS server manager.In this first we have to create the model builder using arcmap, arc catalog. We have created model builder below steps.

1) in Arc Map> click/geo processing>environments--this prcoess is to display the environmnet  settings , to set the scratch workspace
2) In geo processing>geo processing options>under background processing uncheck enable
3)save the map document
4) in Catalog window>go to new folder>right click>created new toolbox> and named as GeoprocessingTutorial with the .tbx extension
5)Geoprocessingtutotail>right clik>new>model>in this we have created buffer tool with features

6) and then when i am using another clip tool in the model builder we are unable to connect with buffer features. Anyone can help what is the wrong with this both buffer and clip tool.

7) But if i use only buffer tool features and then save the model builder i am unable to see the data in arcmap. Anyone can help this what is the issue.

Thank you
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