Generate Near Table tool at version 10.1 not working correctly

01-22-2013 02:31 PM
New Contributor III
I am running the Generate Near Table tool in ArcMap 10.1 with the Location option and then using the Make XY event layer to map the "near" locations. However, the x,y locations provided in the near tool correlate to the input feature, not the near features when lines or polygons are the near features. Points as near features seem to work as expected.

I've attached an example. The purple line is the input feature. The green line and black dot are the near features. The orange dots are result of the x,y provided from the near features. You can see that there is a correct orange dot for the near point but the orange dot that correlates with the green line is at the closest end of the input feature instead of the closest point of the near feature.

Any input on this would be great. I have used this tool successfully at 9.3 but cannot remember what the inputs were at that time.
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