Generate a PRJ file with ACAD 2005 DXF

10-22-2012 11:06 AM
New Contributor
When exporting a DXF File (DXF_R2005) from ArcView 10.0's Table of Contents panel into AutoCAD LDT 2005 how can I go about generating a projection file (PRJ) so LDT harmonizes the DXF with the CAD drawing?  Currently, when I assign the projection, "UTM-48N" to both drawings and I export the file to LDT, the visible DXF in the CAD workspace appears south-southwest as if its on a pre-defined origin.
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Esri Contributor
In ArcCatalog browse to the .DXF file.  Open the properties and edit the spatial reference on the general tab and change it to
anything other than what it is.  Save it and then change it back to what it is supposed to be that will generate a .PRJ file with the same name as your .dxf file.

Alternately, you could copy another .PRJ with the same coordinate definition and rename it "<Your Drawing Name>.prj".
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